Vendor Plug To Start Or Grow Your Inventory

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Who wants a vendor list? Starting your fashion boutique and want the best in fashion

Not just any vendor list...For men, women , accessories and more

This is not only a list of vendors, it also includes: to get started on a budget to obtain your business license

Stepping outside the box can be a good thing...start your own business with Safiya Shoetique enterprises vendor list !

The vendor list gives you over 10000 vendors to choose from to start your fashion store !

There's over 50 vendors on the list who are located right here in the United States!

..and YES there's vendors who carry plus size on the list!

..also children and men



...accessories and more! And the international vendor plug is sold separately

Don't be afraid to invest in your self!

...especially when the investment is less than the cost of getting your nails or bundles ! Text 954-391-1662 or to order your vendor list !

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